Windows XP and Tibetan#


Windows XP is a very old operating system, no longer supported by Microsoft. If your computer is less than 10 years old, you probably want to check the main Windows article

Tibetan Unicode enabling Windows XP#

Enabling complex script support#

Microsoft Windows XP only supports complex scripts, the feature required to correctly display Tibetan stacks, with Microsoft Office 2003 SP1 and later installed. However it is possible to install support for Tibetan complex scripts for all applications (e.g. Web browsers and OpenOffice).

An excellent description how to update Windows XP can be found at the National Library of Bhutan (archived version). (The description is for Dzongkha, but works for Tibetan too.)


A direct download-link for the required Windows XP DLL is provided by the Bhutan National Library here: USP10.DLL installer.

Installing Unicode fonts#

Simply install one of the Unicode Tibetan Fonts.

A good start is Tibetan Machine Uni or Jomolhari.

Installing a Tibetan input method#

Follow the instructions at Windows, Tibetan keyboards. It’s recommended to use the old release 1.99 of TISE, which can be downloaded here. Check the TISE site for more information.