Pocketbook ereader#


Ebooks that come with embedded Tibetan font (like those from Lotsawahouse) display correctly on latest Pocketbooks without additional configuration. In order to correctly display ebooks without embedded Tibetan fonts, a new Tibetan font can be installed:

New Tibetan fonts for the Pocketbook#

Pocketbook uses Google’s open Noto font family to display multilingual text. A Tibetan font is not installed by default, so we add Tibetan from the Noto family:

  • Download the Tibetan noto font from Google Noto Serif Tibetan

  • Connect the Pocketbook to a computer and open the folder /system/fonts

  • Copy the *.ttf (currently: NotoSerifTibetan-VariableFont_wght.ttf) into the folder /system/fonts on the Pocketbook.