Digital Tibetan#

Welcome to the Digital Tibetan v3.0

The new home of Digital Tibetan v3.0#

  • This site is a collection of information and How-Tos on how to work with digital Tibetan information. For information on how to configure mobiles and computer for Tibetan fonts, start here. This site is a new version of the old DigitalTibetan wiki[1], and it is currently still under development.

  • Additionally, the plan is to introduce tools for computational dharma, how modern tools inherited from data science can be used to efficiently create personal working environments that support working with, cross-referencing, and transforming large amounts of natural language data related to Tibetan.


Contributions, suggestions, ideas and corrections#


If topics are missing, or you have suggestions on how to improve the site, please use the github:

The Github-icon on the top right gives easy access to the source-repository and has a quick-edit option. Each edit will be reviewed, so there is no danger of generating a mess. Documents use the markdown format.

This site is based on a github repository that basically consists of simple text-files in markdown. The markdown files are converted into this web site using Jupyter-Book.

Some random topics#