Digital Tibetan

Welcome to the DigitalTibetan v3.0


The Project is in a very early stage.

URLs will still change!


This site will become in time the successor for the old DigitalTibetan v2.0 Mediawiki site. An archived version of the old site is still available at DigitalTibetan

Contribute! Simply select the Github-icon ( on of the icons on the top-right) and ‘suggest an edit’. No worries, you can’t break things, since each edit will be reviewed before going life. For more details see Contribution below.

The new scope of Digital Tibetan

Digital Tibetan wants to cater two target audiences:

  • Much like the predecessor version of DigitalTibetan, this site aspires to collect information and How-Tos on how to work with digital Tibetan information within the context of one’s own hardware and setup. Start here.

  • Additionally the plan is to introduce tools for computational dharma, how modern tools inherited from data science can be used to efficiently create personal working environments that support working with, cross-referencing, and transforming large amounts of natural language data related to Tibetan.


Contributions, suggestions, ideas and corrections


The Github-icon on the top right gives easy access to the source-repository and has a quick-edit option. Each edit will be reviewed, so there is no danger of generating a mess. Documents use the markdown format.

This site is based on a github repository that basically consists of simple text-files in markdown. The markdown files are converted into this web site using Jupyter-Book.

Some random topics