Digital Tibetan#

Welcome to the Digital Tibetan v3.0

The new home of Digital Tibetan v3.0#

  • This site is a collection of information and How-Tos on how to work with digital Tibetan information. For information on how to configure mobiles and computer for Tibetan fonts, start here. This site is a new version of the old DigitalTibetan wiki[1], and it is currently still under development.

  • Additionally, the plan is to introduce tools for computational dharma, how modern tools inherited from data science can be used to efficiently create personal working environments that support working with, cross-referencing, and transforming large amounts of natural language data related to Tibetan.


  • 2022-12-08: Python source code for the conversion of ACIP to Unicode is now available at ACIP to Unicode converter. The converter is part of the OpenPecha project. The ACIP documentation (see: ticode.pdf) was almost lost due to digital erosion, but has now been recovered due to the work of Elie Roux.

  • 2022-11-13: Digital Tibetan is now on Mastodon at

  • 2022-10-04: A new conversion tool for PDFs using old Tibetan fonts is being made available by Elie Roux. Text within PDFs created with non-Unicode Tibetan fonts is difficult to recover, and this tool helps to extract the original Tibetan typing in modern Unicode encoding. Development is ongoing, and the sources are available at Python Tibetan Legacy Encodings tool at github. More conversion tools can be found at Tibetan Pre-Unicode.

  • See the news archive for what was previously news.

Contributions, suggestions, ideas and corrections#


If topics are missing, or you have suggestions on how to improve the site, please use the github:

The Github-icon on the top right gives easy access to the source-repository and has a quick-edit option. Each edit will be reviewed, so there is no danger of generating a mess. Documents use the markdown format.

This site is based on a github repository that basically consists of simple text-files in markdown. The markdown files are converted into this web site using Jupyter-Book.

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